Day 2

I don’t know why getting up and being productive is so hard. Recently it’s been a massive struggle to even get out of bed. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a biological thing, but I’ve been taking my vitamin D tablets and trying to look after myself. Maybe it’s psychological. I think it is. I’m extremely exhausted recently without having done anything. I wish I was productive. I wish I did the things I wanted to do and got on with my life. Why is it so hard.

My hair is a mess and my face is a mess. Sometimes I feel okay when I put makeup on and put some effort. But it’s not like before. I was looking at photos of me just from a year ago and I seem much happier. Even though I know I wasn’t still 100 percent happy then, it somehow has gotten worse.

I want to be like how it was before. No responsibilities, just happiness and fun.



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