The first man I’ve ever loved. You’re like the warm summer glow on my skin. You fill me with joy and make me happy. I don’t know how to express in words what you mean to me. How I came about you is ridiculous and involves too many coincidences. Your eyes are something special. They radiate a certain kindness and affection that I’ve never seen before. It makes me sad that you don’t see yourself like I do. You’re beautiful in every way and shape possible and I mean it. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted and I take you for granted. You and your endless array of plaid shirts. You and you’re stupid balding hair. Whatever you look like I will love you. It scared me how nsync we are. We’re gonna have endless amount of pounds in that jar. You make me question whether such thing as fate exists. You seem too good to be true. You’re weird as fuck and that’s awesome because you’re just like me. When you laugh, I’m pretty sure flowers bloom or a baby is born. I’m very thankful that you’re in my life. We’re not too bad are we.


I cant wait to have a dog with you.



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