Day 6

It dawns on me sometimes that I seem to have no friends at uni.

Sure there are people on my course that I say hi to, supposedly living with them next year. There are the people I live with now. The people I work with. People on the societies I’ve joined. I’m surrounded by people but somehow I feel extremely lonely. I don’t related to any of them. We don’t hang out a lot and we’re not close at all. There’s no one in this small city that I seem to connect with. Everyone has different interests to me, everyone’s just so out of reach. Everyone seems to have friends, best friends, which apparently means I can’t begin to form a friendship with them.

There’s a poetry event this week. Maybe I’ll make friends with people there.

Even if I talk to people I doubt I’ll go out with them regularly or whatever. I never realised how much of an impact friends has on your life. I’m sad. I want to have a best friend. I want to be happy.



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