Collection of thoughts

It seems impossible nowadays for someone to do something nice for you just because they want to. And not expect anything back.

I don’t understand selfishness, I’ve always felt happier when I’ve shared things with other people. Especially things I enjoy, I want them to have a piece of my happiness aswell.

Is it just me that thinks about worlds big questions everyday. Why are people like this, or like that or how did it come about. Why is the world is such a state. What could we have done or could do to make it better.

I always knew I would hate working but now that I’ve got a job I really despise it. I hope I stay in education for long enough that once I’m out I can get a job that I enjoy and earn mega bucks.

What do rich people do with all their money.

Diversity is so important. I feel very lonely in this city sometimes, everyone is just so english and it makes me feel impossible to relate to anyone on a deep emotional level. I don’t know if that makes sense.

I’ve never understood racism either. What makes a person look at a another with a different skin tone and call them a paki for instance. Ignorance, stupidity, lack of education, social norms, conformity, the fact thats its an easy insult to go to.

I want to make a change by doing something. I want to get involved and spread awareness and educate people but I have no idea how to. I hate feeling that the only thing I can do is sit behind a computer and type some shitty 3am thoughts. I don’t want to be a keyboard warrior. All type no face.


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